Debra’s Book

A heart wrenching story of how a young girl was abused by a boyfriend and abandoned by her mother.  Later her marriage at a young age led to more abuse and divorce.   After eight years of living as a single mom with a double life, God called her to live victoriously with Him! 

 Comes with a study guide of how to live victoriously in a victimizing world!

Victim to Victorious was written with an open heart with hopes of helping other victims of abuse reach the victorious life they so deserve. You will cry with sorrow, then cry with joy!  May this true story change your life forever.

Others’ comments:

“For me it is not easy to talk about bondage…The beauty is how God sets one free. You are very brave to do that.   It is your unflinching honesty and no-holds-barred narration that touches.”

“While reading the pages of a young girl’s deepest and darkest memories, my heart ached and tears fell upon the pages not knowing the secrets she has kept for so many years. I didn’t know of your sadness and the broken child that only the love of God could mend.” 

“I have cried and cried. I read your book as if  I were right there with you.  Please get this out for all to read.  God will want the world to read it.  It will help so many.  Thank you.” 

“It was riveting. I couldn’t stop reading it!

Enjoy other books by Debra:  Before the Year Turns One;  Before It’s Too Late; Before Her Lord, and A Glimpse of Heaven.

Contact: 724-371-7441

Debra is available to speak at your church or group.  Please contact for availability.

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