We are beginning a new series called “Finding Your New Normal”.  I was inspired by a book by Watchman Nee called the “Normal Christian Life.”  Watchman Nee was a pastor who pioneered the local church movement in China during the 1920’S through the 40’s.  His last twenty years of his life he spent in prison for preaching the Gospel.  He died in prison in 1972.

The book inspired me but I am not following the book exactly, but letting the Holy Spirit guide me as to the characteristics and lifestyle of what would be called “The Normal Christian Life.”  Some of the things we will cover will be forgiveness, deliverance, power, integrity, prosperity, discipline and influence.

Most of us live so far below what God would have as a Normal Christian Life that when we see or experience what is “normal’ it seems miraculous and extraordinary.  When we meet someone living the normal Christian life we view them as Christian superstars and heroes of the faith.  For example:  We have over forty children and teens who show up here on Thursday evenings to S.O.A.P. and learn Biblical life skills.  I have shared this with people explaining that most of the kids come on their own, no parent brings them or makes them attend.  I have had people declare that is a miracle!  In today’s culture that is unheard of, yet quite honestly it is and should be the normal for every church in every community.  We work overseas in Cambodia and other places donating time, money, food, beds, etc. to orphans.  Some have said that is incredible and miraculous!  No, it is what Jesus said is the normal thing to do if you are Christian.  Care for widows and orphans!

Society has spiraled so far downward that when we see someone doing what Jesus said to do we are amazed and call it miraculous.  Sometimes it is miraculous but the miraculous should be part of a normal Christian life.

My hope is that by going through this together that individually and as a church we will strive to life a normal Christian life.  If we can reach what the Bible teaches as normality things are going to change.  Lives are going to change!  You are going to change! Your family is going to change! Beaver Falls is going to change!

Are you ready to live the ‘Normal Christian Life”?   Can we together find new normal God has for us?

About Tim Blanarik

Reaching & Equipping All Children for Him was founded by Timothy and Debra Blanarik in 1993. Tim and Debra have been ministering to children and training children's workers for over 20 years. They have been children's pastors in the States and in Singapore. They have trained children’s workers and ministered in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Kenya, Laos, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Thailand and El Salvador. They have extensive ministry experience in inner city communities helping under privileged children know and experience the love of Jesus. They are available to minister to your church or ministry. They can help you by preaching messages that will open peoples eyes to how God sees children and children's ministry. Tim has seminars to transform your Sunday morning children's programs. We can help you start an outreach to children. Inquire about our Jumpstart weekend. We will spend a weekend training your children's workers, assist you with a children's church presentation and coach you after the weekend. Tim has developed an eight lesson seminar that will help your church develop a culture of evangelism. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL TO BOOK THEM AT YOUR CHURCH OR MINISTRY.
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