Justin McGurgan Brings Christian Youth Baseball Leagues to Cambodia

IMG_1241Justin joined our team last year for VBS Cambodia. Justin was the Youth Leader at New Life Community Church, Bellevue, PA. The New Hope Orphans in Cambodia captured Justin’s heart. After returning home last August, I called Justin and sensed his emptiness in working a construction job. Justin was an accomplished baseball player at Geneva College. He was coaching locally and ministering to youth in his church, but something was missing after leaving Cambodia. I did not know how to direct him, but I knew someone who could, Pastor Mark Geppert of SEAPC. Mark has always helped Debra and I find our direction and also connected us with opportunities that changeIMG_9513d our lives. Mark connected Justin’s love of kids, Cambodia, and baseball! Justin leaves on Thursday to join us for the VBS in Cambodia but will stay for a year internship as he serves the New Hope Orphans and starts and develops Christian Youth Baseball leagues.

Pastor Don Brown and New Life Community Church have their first full time missionary. Justin will need your prayers and support. We will continue to give you updates of his progress throughout the year.

Thank you to everyone who has donated to help Justin. He will need your continued support and you can do that through REACH.


About Tim Blanarik

Reaching & Equipping All Children for Him was founded by Timothy and Debra Blanarik in 1993. Tim and Debra have been ministering to children and training children's workers for over 20 years. They have been children's pastors in the States and in Singapore. They have trained children’s workers and ministered in Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Brunei, Kenya, Laos, Honduras, Zimbabwe, Kenya, Thailand and El Salvador. They have extensive ministry experience in inner city communities helping under privileged children know and experience the love of Jesus. They are available to minister to your church or ministry. They can help you by preaching messages that will open peoples eyes to how God sees children and children's ministry. Tim has seminars to transform your Sunday morning children's programs. We can help you start an outreach to children. Inquire about our Jumpstart weekend. We will spend a weekend training your children's workers, assist you with a children's church presentation and coach you after the weekend. Tim has developed an eight lesson seminar that will help your church develop a culture of evangelism. PLEASE CALL OR EMAIL TO BOOK THEM AT YOUR CHURCH OR MINISTRY.
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